Why Expand Your Property Portfolio?

Kickstart Property Group believe that property investment in Australia is a great way to secure a stress free path to financial freedom. By creating a stable financial structure and maximising tax benefits, Kickstart Property Group's services can show you how to start and continue to grow your path to property success.  We will provide you with a full property investment analysis, that way you know ahead of time what your cost verse benefit will be. 


Your money will grow better in property than in the bank!

As a general rule your money will make only 1.5% in the bank or in super. Compared to property which has averaged at least 6% over the past 30 years. 


Have more options in Retirement

If you were to spend $1000/week to live comfortably in retirement, have time and money to pursue your hobbies or holidays, the $400,000 you have in super would last you approximately 8 years. 

Let Kickstart Property Group show you how to have passive income for your entire retirement.


Reduce Taxes Now 

While the future is important, our investment options will save you money now. It will put money into your pocket, that would otherwise go to the tax man or the banks. Make your interest and tax work for you!